Navigating the Boomer's perfect storm

For any family from any generation, the Other Talk can have a wide-ranging impact on internal family dynamics:

  • It’s an opportunity to talk with your kids about decisions near the end of life, to begin to come to terms with the eventual loss and to create a roadmap for decision-making during the inevitable role reversal
  • It’s a chance for you to teach, discuss, think about and share ideas with your kids about the end of life . . . the dying but also the coping with the aging process

However, for the Baby Boomers, there is an additional set of unique external factors that will inject further incentive to embrace The other Talk. It’s the Perfect Storm that has been brewing in geriatric care in recent years and it’s scheduled to hit the Boomers just as they reach 65. The implications for their families are that they are going to need a real sense of urgency to plan and prepare for a whole new set of challenges when the parents enter their last chapter.

  1. More elderly patients
  2. Longer living elderly patients
  3. Fewer elder care doctors and nurses

These converging forces should intrigue (and disturb) every Baby Boomer and their family.

That’s why you need to have the Other Talk now,
then keep on talking!